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U94 PTT for Yaesu Right Angle

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  • U94 style PTT
  • RF shielded cable
  • Easy to manipulate activation button
  • Reinforced belt clip
  • NATO-US wired
  • Nexus TP-120 input for headset
  • Yaesu / Vertex 1-pin right angle plug

Compatible with the following radios or similar equipped with Yaesu / Vertex 3.5mm right angle 1-pin plug:

  • Yaesu / Vertex / Standard: FT-3D, FT-3DR, FT-5D, FT-5DR, FT-10R, FT-250, FT-250R FT-40R, FT-50R, FT-60R, FT-70, FT-70DR, FT-70DE, & Vertex: VX-10, VX-110, VX-130, VX-150, VX-160, VX-180, VX-210, VX-230, VX-231, VX-260, VX-261, VX-264, VX-1R, VX-2E, VX-2R, VX-3R, VX-300, VX-350, VX-351, VX-354, VX-400, VX-5R, VXF-1, VX-410, VX-420, VX-427, VX-450, VX-451, VX-454, VX-459, eVX-261, eVX-531, eVX-534, eVX-539
  • Bearcom: BC95