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U-174/U to 3.5mm Radio Adapter for Howard Leight, Walker's Razor, Comtac, etc

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  • Adds a U-174/U compatible downlead to your Howard Leight Impact Sport, Walker's Razor, Comtac, or similar electronic earmuffs.
  • Plugs into any Bifrost Gear Valhalla or Ragnarok series PTT to connect your electronic earmuffs to your radio (PTT not included)
  • includes 750 ohm electret microphone for use with civilian radios
  • 3.5mm phono plug on headset end, NATO-US wired Nexus TP-120 / U-174/U plug on radio end
  • Provides listen only connectivity to your earmuffs, but is wired with four pole connectivity for optional use with a microphone to add two-way communication capability to your headset (microphone not included)