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The Flipper Amp

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The Flipper Amp from Bifrost Gear combines the features of The Amp and The Flipper in one streamlined unit.

Picked up a surplus set of Comtacs and an airsoft PTT and they won’t work together with your civilian radio? The Flipper Amp from Bifrost Gear is for you! Employing military grade electronics and a proprietary amplifier, The Flipper Amp is your one-cable solution to get your gear working together.


  • Converts low-impedance dynamic microphone equipped NATO-US wired headsets (Peltor Comtac, MSA Sordin, OPS-Core AMP, etc.) to work with NATO-EU (airsoft) wired PTT’s and high impedance civilian radios
  • Installs inline between your NATO-US wired headset and NATO-EU wired PTT
  • IP68 waterproof
  • NEXUS TP-120 connectors
  • 12" long