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The Flipper

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The Flipper from Bifrost Gear was designed as a simple solution to wiring format problems frequently encountered when using NATO-US wired headsets with NATO-EU wired PTT’s. When it comes to tactical headsets and Push-to-Talks, there are multiple industry standard wiring types. These wiring types are often mislabeled and online listings can be misleading. One version is standard in the USA, called NATO-US (or “Military” wiring). The other version is standard in Europe, called NATO-EU (or “Airsoft” wiring). The Flipper from Bifrost Gear is a compact converter cable that finally lets NATO-US and NATO-EU devices seamlessly communicate.


  • Converts NATO-US (military) wiring format to NATO-EU (airsoft) wiring format and back
  • Lets Peltor Comtac, MSA Sordin, OPS-Core AMP, and Earmor headsets communicate with airsoft PTT’s; or lets Comtac XP and XPi, Z-TAC, and airsoft wired headsets communicate with NATO-US wired PTT’s
  • If you’re experiencing low/no sound in your earphones or incoming transmissions being heard through the boom microphone, this converter cable will fix your headset problems.
  • Installs inline between your headset and PTT
  • NEXUS TP-120 connectors
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 9" long