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Tactical Communications + Particle Filtration Respirator Mask

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  • Tactical Respirator mask provides minimum 95.48% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates as small as 0.3 µm
  • Microphone equipped version comes with both Nexus U-173/U 2-pin cable for use with Comtac style headsets and single pin TRSS cable for use with most other tactical communication headsets
  • Streamlined design for use with NVGs or other eye protection, as well hearing protection earmuffs or electronic communication headsets Dual exhaust valves for easy breathing
  • Fully adjustable, interchangeable straps for wearing on its own on integration with a helmet One size fits all silicone face mask
  • Single filter design provides enhanced field-of-view Replaceable filter can be quickly swapped with one hand even while the mask is being worn